The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) is the world governing body for towed water sports.

One of the IWWF Divisional Councils is the IWWF World Racing Council wich is responsible for the discipline of waterski racing at World level.

The main duties of the IWWF World Racing Council are:
  • To establish Technical Rules for World Titled Events and Homologated events.
  • To establish practical and theoretical examinations of international judges and officials.
  • To examine and approve the site, the installations and equipment as appropriate for World Titled Events.

The members of the IWWF World Racing Council are:


Vera van den Bossche (Belgium)

Secretary General

Jan Thurgar (Australia)


Mike Waterman (Great Britain)

Jules Leysen (Belgium)

Greg Dutton (New Zealand)

Andrew Donohue (Australia)

Dusty Schulz (USA)

Ted Hoffman (USA)

Louis Simard (Canada)

Competitor’s Representative iwwfcompetitor@outlook.com

Daniel Cotton (AUS)

Cameron King (USA)